EHS Communication Partners, Inc. (EHS) is a consulting practice dedicated to helping organizations communicate effectively about environmental, regulatory and safety issues. Through a unique blend of technical knowledge, sound communication principles and writing clarity, EHS delivers on-target work products and communication programs. From environmental permit applications to community dialogues, we help position you for success and put your best words forward.


We offer services in four key areas:

EHS Documentation – Whether multivolume reports or brief summaries,
we help you organize and deliver technical information effectively.

Public Involvement – We can design public participation programs, prepare
communication materials, or merely ghostwrite when you’re short on time
or resources.

Risk Communication – We help lay the groundwork for trust between
communities and organizations dealing with risk, as well as prepare clients
for communicating about risk in crisis situations.

Training – We love to share what we love to do!  We offer writing
workshops, environmental awareness training, and workshops on risk
communication and public participation.